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Would it be speaking over physically disabled people for an able bodied person to complain about to a company about the way they've been treated? I've noticed recently that the bus drivers around where I live will often drive off instead of letting the ramp down for wheelchair users who are trying to get on, and they almost always look pissed off when they do let them on. I'm not sure if I should say anything since I don't use a wheelchair, but I can't see any way this wouldn't be ableist?

No you should definitely complain, calling out fellow able bodied people is basically one of the main roles of an able bodied person in fighting against oppression, and if you can do something about an inaccessible public area you should

sorry for the angry game of thrones blogging lmao

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Also in the books Xaro is not a villain and still alive. I mean he's hardly a good guy in the books, but it's pretty iffy that the show made him black and a blatant villain at the same time.

true very true! they really screwed up doing what they did with him and doreah urghhhhh

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i was reeeeaaally pissed when they cut wex dfhgjyhkuuyt

same god like he’s a mute character who communicates a really important message non verbally and no one even noticed him because who would ever remember the young disabled squire?

but they should have oh they should have he was so important

asha-baejoy replied to your post:And Irri was killed off, Doreah was kept alive instead of dying in the red waste for the sole purpose of betraying Dani and sleeping with Xaro (nevermind the fact that she close with Dani)


I’m so upset about her I swear (I mentioned her in the previous post) like they just treated her as if she wasn;t important and was just there to say it is known and god no urgh

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And Irri was killed off, Doreah was kept alive instead of dying in the red waste for the sole purpose of betraying Dani and sleeping with Xaro (nevermind the fact that she close with Dani)

Oh god yeah I forgot they killed Irri off I tried to block that out jfc, and god yeah the treatment of doreah was awful, all my lovely girls getting screwed over  :((((



funny how many of the characters missing from the show of game of thrones are women, people of colour, disabled, lgbtq or a combination of the above hmmmm

Oh shut up! Have you actually sheen the show or are you just COMPLAINING just to bitch ? TYRION, SHEREEN, XAROS, THE RED VIPER ARE PERFECT EXAMPLES. , OW SHUT AND GO READ THE BOOKS AND WATCH THE SHOW

meanwhile tanda, falyse, arianne, alayaya, chataya, alerie, quentyn, val, dalla, dacey and wex were all cut out

Lollys and Elia have only been mentioned, Jhiqui and Jeyne Poole were gotten rid of after one episode, Rakharo was killed off

It also looks like they’re cutting out griff and young griff

and Xaro? really? yes he’s black which is good but they made a gay character sleep with a woman and I’m supposed to be happy about that? wow

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Autistic, huh? When were you diagnosed?

when i was 16 years old 




news flash: if a trans woman likes her facial hair shes allowed to keep it. she doesnt have to conform to the standards society sets out of her. u can keep ur damn mouth shut 

This goes for all body hair not just facial!!!!

weird how it’s a feminist political action that liberates all women everywhere if you’re a woman who chooses not to shave your armpits….. unless you’re a trans woman, or a racialized woman whose body hair is considered “excessive” under white supremacist beauty norms… god forbid both……

I think i’ve caught a bug blech