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Parents Kept Sons With Autism Locked In Basement: PD

My heart goes out to yet more abused autistic people, these twins deserve so much more.

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my romantic partner lives with chir abusive aunt and uncle and they keep taking chirp to doctors because they want to "fix" chirp. a few weeks ago chi was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, which chi did not need and which affected chirp badly. the doctor assigned to chirp said to stop the medication, but the aunt made chirp take it anyway. yesterday they took chirp to another doctor and doubled the dose and I don't know what to do because chi lives two states away from me. just venting :/

omg I am so so sorry about this, disabled people get treated with so much brutality and as if we have no agency so much and I feel so strongly for chirp, know that I am keeping chirp in my thoughts and I’m so so sorry this is happening. I wish I could help as much as you do xx

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  1. more superheroes with disabilities
  2. more superheroes with visible physical and prominent mental disabilities which affect their day-to-day lives and their superheroing in negative, significant ways
  3. more superheroes proud of who they are and fine with their disability
  4. more superheroes with entire arcs about accepting and learning to work with their disabilities
  5. no more magical recovery from disabilities
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The blonde-green looks way cool!

thanks dear! <3


I’m gonna write a story about a group of disabled teen superheroes just fucking watch me


wait what happened to Oracle??

they made it so she wasn;t disabled anymore ¬_¬



disabled people deserve to have their stories told, disabled people deserve representation, disabled people deserve stories that are not just pity ploys, and yes we deserve fucking superhero stories, fuck your abled norms

So you want disabled superheroes? Well, the fact is about super heroes, is that they are super human in ability. The idea of a disabled superhero goes against the definition of a super hero. Any superheroes with conditions are almost certain to have some kind of enhancement that makes that disability into an ability, IE cyclops from X-Men

disability is not a lack of ability it is a disabling of people based on impairment, just as abled people are enabled by society we are disabled by it, it has nothing to do with enhanced or less enhanced ability so one you’re completely off the mark

two, you can be both disabled and a superhero without it being an ability, somebody can save the world in a silly costume and still have to eat the same food everyday because they’re autistic and have to stick to routines, there is absolutely no reason they couldn’t,

yes some of us may have to do it differently, ill superheroes may have rest days, mobility disabled superheroes may not be able to access many areas where help is needed, but that’s what life is to us anyway and we learn to adapt to it and do the best we can, just as disabled superheroes would

(whist also probably having similar disability rights movements which would be interesting to address in comics.)

disabled people can be just as fucking super as anybody else thank you and goodnight

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re: your disabled superheroes post, i miss oracle so much )):

I’m not even a DC fan and I’m so angry about what happened to her, so so angry

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I'm tentatively excited for the new Thor series, because (though he isn't 'Thor' anymore) he has a prosthetic arm.

oh goodness I hadn;t heard about this! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it and find out if they handle it well!