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House Slytherin. House Tyrell.



I might dress as David Cameron for halloween

just go around burning any human rights legislation, it’d be great

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Hey hun, feeling better today ???

a little! still feel pretty awful but don;t feel like I’m gonna do anything bad to myself which is a good step!


don’t use uteruses as symbol for feminism ok

here’s why:

  • you’re excluding trans women
  • you’re including some trans men
  • you’re excluding cis women who may not have a uterus because they’ve lost it because of or to avoid #cancer 

stop doing this it’s so gross

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Do you or any followers have coping advice or links to coping advice for disabled people who currently *cannot* leave their abusers for disability/medical/care/etc reasons? I just need some non judgemental coping tips so so so badly. (Ps this should be on anon. If it's not anon for some reason, don't publish.) thank you to anyone who can help.

Could anyone please help?

"The woman is important too!" Arya protested.

[Gifset: Jon is talking to Arya interlayed with black and white gifs of Joffrey smiling/sneering, Jon says

"Look at the arms on his surcoat. The Lannisters are proud. You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient but no. He makes his mother’s house equal in honour to the king’s."

Arya retorts “The woman is important too!”]

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whirling-ghost replied to your post:Do you have any ideas for stimming during school? Particularly textures that can help sensory overload?

You might be able to fit a small fluffy toy in your pocket if you wear hoodies. I’ve done it with other stim toys before.

ooooh very nice idea

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is it ableist to use the word 'paranoid' even if you really bad anxiety?

No, as someone with paranoid delusions, I wouldn;t say so, anxiety oven causes levels of paranoia and its perfectly acceptable to use the term to describe what you’re feeling :)

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what white people can do as a whole is take time to educate themselves on racism with the unending sources we put out on tumblr and put up everywhere else on the internet. being totally complacent and ignoring things happening in the world that are driven by racism is...well, racist. i'll explain something if i have to but, y'know, my brain can only take so much of the Responsibility of being the ignored teacher for white people. considered i'm disabled and also basicaly just tired.

thank you for your input! this is definitely an important point, a lot of the resources are already out there to read.

All us white autistics need to shut up and sit down when it comes to the experiences of autistic people of colour and most importantly we need to listen, yes some concepts might be confusing but please try and understand, because for gods sake people of colour have had to learn it all and so should we.