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u kno that if you have cancer or a disability or a mental illness regardless of how much wealth you have, you're still going through the same shit right? it doesnt make ur suffering less important if u have meds, which dont often work for things like schizophrenia n forms of cancer...

if u think rich disabled people have exactly the same experience as poor disabled people you’re in for a shock mate

maybemartha said: While Geordi definitely counts as disabled representation (there are times when he is social model disabled + times when his tech breaks)99% of the time his vision is better than everyone else’s so he isn’t exactly great representation of blind folks

oh thanks for the warning!

deersbabe asked
Hi!! :) so in the usa there a new show called the red band society and its about teens in a children hospital but form most of the promos I've seen I fell like its going to be really ableist. I was wondering if you had any thought on it? I hope your having a good day!

I’ve seen one trailer of it!

My main concern actually is that the majority of the kids are white and presumably cishet, like disabled characters are great but disabled people are a diverse group and thats not necessarily represented

I’ll probably watch it anyway because y’know multiple disabled characters and I’ll post my thoughts on it when I do!

a cishet white dude, but walt jr. from breaking bad

yes he’s a good one! I’ve only watched a bit of breaking bad but i really liked Flynn

Speaking of Star Trek, Geordi La Forge is a blind character played by a sighted actor but his character REGULARLY turns down cures in favor of using his assistive tech.

oooh very true, and in futuristic sci-fi too! thats always really important to me, we deserve a future



The concept of self-diagnosis isn’t what made me suspicious of it, the people that self-diagnose made me suspicious of it.

Poor people?  People of color?  People in abusive situations?  Medical abuse victims?

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Does Toph count as positive disability representation? Her earth bending only partially compensates for her blindness; she can't read or see more than the shape of things through her foot-sight, and her foot-sight has limitations such as when she's on sand or wood.

Yeah I think she’s pretty positive, you could argue there’s some compensating going on but she’s not quite Daredevil

I’ll probably include Tyrion, because despite him being a cishet white dude and a pretty awful person he is actually a mainstream little person acted by a little person who isn’t just a jokey side character so yeah