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i do find it interesting that i’m not seeing hardly anyone who blogs about sj issues even acknowledging - much less taking the time to address ableism, and using their privilege to educate abled people - kanye west’s grotesque and abusive harassment of two disabled fans, and the society which requires us to ”prove” our disability

however, i find it equally interesting that the people who are talking about it don’t actually give a fuck about ableism, or using their privilege to educate abled people - as evidenced by the fact that they hardly address the two disabled fans, and all use ableist words like ”wheelchair-bound”, ”differently abled”, ”handicapped”, etc. to talk about them - and are, instead, just using the incident to talk about how much they hate kanye

i love our existence being totally ignored and exploited to ”justify” a bunch of people’s racism

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What are some of your favorite blogs?

oooh god ok I’ll just post a few of them cause I love loads of folks and I’m probably gonna miss lots of folks out and I’m really sorry if i do, also if you want your name removed for any reason just shout!

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is the word "stupid" ableist

yes it is, all intelligence based insults are

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i think I may be autistic is this a bad thing to think? I just read more and more about it and it would make sense but I could just be interpreting things wrong

no, there’s nothing bad about thinking it! its always possible you;re wrong but then doctor’s can be wrong too, just do your research and trust yourself on your judgement and if you self diagnose thats cool!





Can everyone please start proactively telling their white girl friends not to do dia de los muertos facepaint for halloween, especially white folks telling other white folks. I know it’s early september but you can never start to early on curtailing this bullshit. 

please tell them not to do yellowface or dress up as a geisha either

And don’t even fucking think about dressing “ghetto” or doing black face.

since this hasn’t been added you’re also not to dress ‘native’, don’t wear feather headbands don’t wear our warpaint, none of it. dress like something nice like a kitty, a fun dip bag, or a banana. something not racist, please


functioning labels don’t even measure how well you can “function” in any meaningful way; they rely instead on a system where visibly autistic people always finish last, where the only thing that’s measured is Who Looks Most Normal. passing as neurotypical is a lie and a trap and incredibly exhausting. it’s the source of pain and heartbreak in too many autistic people’s lives.

it is certainly not a marker of worth.

yeah and its like this idea that ‘functioning’ is even a thing

like who says that neurotypical people’s way of behaving is functioning and our way is not functioning, who says that flapping, screaming and being non-verbal means not functioning

all functioning means is ‘acting like a neurotypical’ but it’s made to seem like the marker of a human being

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Hello Alice! I have a question about the terms neurodivergent and neuro-atypical. Are mentally - ill people included in these terms? For example, aren't mentally kind of disabled in a way too...? For example, if someone can't move because they're depressed. If they aren't included, is there a special term that's like neurodivergent/a-typical? D: (I hope this doesn't seem weird, I am genuinly confused ;u;)

I think neuroatypical covers all forms of mental disability including illness

but I think a lot of people only use neurodivergent to mean neuroatypical folks who aren;t mentally ill such as Autism, dyspraxia, adhd and such

however I tend to include mentally ill people when I use the term neurodivergent since I don;t like to use neuroatypical because it’s hard to distinguish from neurotypical, especially for neurodivergent folks haha

 but yes of course mentally ill people are mentally disabled

and it’s not weird at all dear it’s a valid question!


before u dismiss a lighter-skinned character as white keep in mind

  • lighter skinned poc exist
  • biracial/mixed ppl are a thing
  • light skin/white passing =/= white