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Shout out to disabled queers that are marginalised within queer spaces on those rare occasions when they can actually be accessed. You are still important. You still matter.

instead of doing tonnes of pointless research on whether autistic people feel pain

why don’t you just fucking listen to autistic people


ASAN Testimony to the Neurological Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee of the FDA | Autistic Self Advocacy Network


The FDA is currently debating whether or not we feel pain.

From Ne’eman’s speech:

Good morning. My name is Ari Ne’eman, and I am testifying here in my role as President of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, the leading national advocacy organization run by and for Autistic adults and youth. In addition, since 2010, I have served as one of President Obama’s appointees to the National Council on Disability.

ASAN strongly urges the FDA to prohibit the use of aversive-conditioning devices for all populations. An extensive body of research shows that youth and adults with significant behavioral challenges, including self-injury and aggression, are best served with positive, non-aversive support measures. Self-injury and aggressive behavior are typically the result of lack of access to meaningful communication support systems or adequate mental health supports. Neither of these needs are met by the use of aversives.

Some have claimed that aversive-conditioning devices are appropriate for a subset of children and adults who prove ‘the most resistant to alternative forms of treatment’. As noted in the FDA research review, no evidence exists to suggest such a distinct population. In truth, those who are subject to aversive-conditioning are no different than those who are served purely through non-aversive methods. I would like to address the remainder of my remarks to this issue.

Bolding mine.

This was in my Facebook feed today:


[Facebook post from Ari Ne’eman: FDA official just finished discussing whether or not autistic people feel pain. Apparently, the research literature is mixed on this point? O_o]

Why is this a necessary debate? Why is this even UP for debate?

We are human beings. We feel pain.

Because currently, they’re giving painful electric shocks to people like me and calling it “therapy”. It is currently legal to do so.

This is what they do at the Judge Rotenburg Center. You can read a survivor’s letter here [tw: detailed description of torture, abuse].

Even the United Nations has called this supposed therapy nothing but torture, according to their special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez:

The rights of the students of the JRC subjected to … electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the U.N. Convention against Torture and other international standards.

You can read more about the Judge Rotenburg Center and its use of electric shocks and other physical punishments on autistic people here at Autistic Hoya’s blog.


Joking about marginalized groups doesn’t satirize their oppression. It perpetuates it. Stop.


When people talk about how the rich people up in government make laws that attack poor people, it’s rather unsettling how the issue is depoliticized in mainstream discussions, as if the poor were some monolith. You don’t hear about who the poor is - disabled people, people of color, queer people, single mothers - until you get conservative bigwigs trying to instill fear mongering in everyone by painting disabled people and poc etc. as being greedy, lazy, fakes sucking up government resources. 


leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women

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Autistic Sansa whose special interest is chivalry/courtly love? Look at how she corrects Joffrey when he claims "knights do not cry" and backs it up with sources from the songs she has memorized.

yessss god



listen, folks, phrases like “you need to get help/you need therapy” are ableist so stop fucking using them ok thanks bye

mentally ill disabled person who’s been forcibly institutionalized speaking here, but is the issue that telling someone they definitely need therapy more imposing than suggesting it and making sure they’re aware that it’s an option, because you can’t be fully aware of the barriers they face re: diagnosis and treatment? or am i missing something

no, I think op means like in an argument to insult someone, people will say ‘you need help’ so they can pathologise bigotry


"i love gay rights i just hate poor people and food stamps and single mothers, but not black people just "ghetto" people, and im kind of pro-choice but only sometimes did i mention if you can’t afford health care get a job?"

-fiscally conservative but socially liberal